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JUST CAUSE 3 Part # 22 mission footage

JUST CAUSE 3 Part # 22 mission footage
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Part # 22 mission footage
Playing Just cause 3 and this game is really fun... Only thing missing is a multiplayer interface to share the fun and mayhem with others
This is also proof that no matter what game you hand me to play the glitches will find me... i don't know how they find me all the time but they do..Stay tuned as i found a really fun way to pound yourself through the floor and into the vast undermapping of this game..
Huge ceilings with water below and ways to shoot the A.i and more above on the regular map!!! it only took me a week of playing to hunt down that fun glitch, but was it really hunting me???
Recently i went and dug up more than a few of the best glitches i ever found from 2 of my older video game related pages that were banned on youtube years ago..I AM DONE UPLOADING STUFF TO YOUTUBE..i had 15 pages at one time, being used to them terminating pages is the reason why..


Now they do it without any warning so i'm not wasting any more of my time it's a losing battle.. Of the 15 pages 7 were terminated and 8 are still alive so i am ahead by one if they like to keep score.. i have managed to rack up over 9,000 copyright violations, with over 4,000 videos it has to be a record, multiple bullshit fair use violations each video..


All the best videos of mine i hand picked out of the 4,000 and all the fun glitches that were either banned or removed are now on flickr and i am still finding awesome new stuff in games..Now 2015 i found some of the best glitches, including 2 fun glitches with somewhat out of control, but still in control of the mech suit..Blast off hypersonic, past the ceiling limit and into Sr4 outerspace..Priceless


This FLICKR site is awesome, i have kept the crap quality videos and deleted the larger more hd versions..And on flickr the crap version still looks good, if i upload the crap version to youtube it loses even more quality as they compress it so much that it would be blurry, i have to upload hd and higher avi formats with youtube..Not anymore..So far on Flicker my account is is good standing with not ONE violation...The way it should be..


One day when i am bored i will make a F-YOUTUBE page for users who get their videos muted, removed or get their accounts TERMINATED...

Some of the videos were never even seen before, as soon as i uploaded it to screwyoutube, my account was either restricted and the video removed or muted, or they outright made the account unofficially terminated!!! Everything from awesome demo derbies, cheats and mod video, Zombies, cool glitches, secret access behind the mapping, secret ways to keep unique guns, suits and vehicles from missions in the games that we play


Seeing these old videos again brings back good memories, and i hope you feel the warmth that i feel when i watch it...i doesn't even matter if it is online or not, as i have every video i ever made or edited, even terrabytes of bike related video..Everything is saved on removable hard drives and in fireproof safes..


The only reason i have it online is to share, show what has been discovered and what has been found..All the new things that we find are extra things, and not one of them ever slowed down the gameplay or made the game crash violently..Sometimes it would freeze up constantly with experimental mod disks, but that is the price you pay and the risks you take if you play with mods..The glitches we find are awesome, extra fun things to do in the games we play, to patch that and take away all of that fun is morally wrong, and theivery, i will explain.....


When it comes to glitches and them being patched or fixed, if you had something at the initial purchase, then it is patched, and options are taken away, then you are getting less than what you paid for, and that is SCIENCE talking..You can't argue with Mr. Science..My favorite thing to do is escape a mission, or get behind the mapping, above the map or below the street level grafix and into the undermap..if that option was ever patched or taken away from me i would be very upset, BUT i would just find another way like i did with the patch on Mars in Saints row 3


One day you could use all cheats, weapons and vehicles on Mars, then the next day they patched the phone option to use cheats, i even just paid for extra DLC cheats and i couldn't use them either as the in game cell phone option was blurred out and you couldn't use anything.. There is ALWAYS a way..i found 2 new ways to escape Mars after it was patched, but it was more fun and easier just using the cheats..That opened my eyes to how things change with games and the constant PATCH updates you get, each one changes your unfinished incomplete fix it as we go video game, so from now on i first play the game offline to find all the juice


Change also happens in real life everyday from everything we breathe and consume..Also from emotional stress and other factors like the environments we are in.. Even not accepting ones self image can have negative effects on the brain and body


Keeping an open mind..At least we NOW know one of the many substance or material triggers is confirmed in pesticides, by multiple sources and streams of pesticide run off, male alligators had enormously high levels of estrogen and even developed ovaries!!! That means it can happen to human mammals as well


Recently i saw one of the most interesting documentaries..So important and everyone needs to see backs up and proves what i have been saying all along..EVERYTHING YOU EAT, DRINK, BREATHE, OR SURROUND YOURSELF WITH CHANGES YOU IN THIS LIFE AND THE NEXT..


All the germs bacteria and microbes on your body change and evolve every day, and with each environment they change as well, when they interact with other germs, bacteria and microbes, they too change and evolve..i can back up what i say and believe with facts..Religion can't do that, it's not even half of the story anyway, it's incomplete


if people just realized the entire universe is connected, we have brothers and sisters trillions of miles away..Once you see it all started from the same starting point, same explosion, same big bang, you realize how we are supposed to be treating each other here on earth and elsewhere, as we are all connected..


But we are too busy profiting off one another to see those facts, i would rather help one another and fix this planet, that is why these words are here right now..Everything you do and say changes you in this life and the next, life is a constant evolution, more specifically, your energy changes more positive or more negative depending on what you do and say in your entire life..


We are told of a monotheist system of ONE god so we don't STRIVE to be like them, docile and controlled..To be as the gods is our only true destiny, if not we would not need or develop intelligence or communication..We all would have ceased to exist already if not for a higher purpose..


Besides if all the Hydrogen is running out, some being or beings from another cosmos which is what God means in Egyptian, will have to start the next BIG BANG reaction and start life all over again..Once again with us all connected

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Date: 2017-09-12 00:35:59

Visit : Central Java


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